Becoming a professional web developer

by Owen Far © 2018

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Chapter 1

My story

To help you understand my teaching, I would like to first introduce my story and thoughts behind web-development, and how it can eventually help you to become self-sustainable and start by making a presence for yourself on the internet.

Chapter 2

Searching for time

We are always challenged to do something of our own. In this chapter, I want to show you techniques that will help you find the right time to work on your projects, and explain why this is important. Finally, we will have a look at one method which could encourage you to get started today.

Chapter 3

Inside the Internet world

Before I start explaining the main web development languages, I will introduce you to the Internet world: What is the Internet? How does it work? What is a web server? Why do we need a web browser? I want you to understand the basics of the Internet. This will help you become more comfortable working with web technologies.

Chapter 4

Installing the required programs

In this chapter we will have a look at all the necessary tools used by professional web developers today. I will also mention some pro-tip techniques that will help you speed up your development process. From installing the right IDE, to setting up a localhost server, versioning software, pre-processors, JS compilers, and more.

Chapter 5

Setting up the right workflow

Setting up a strategic workflow is very crucial to reach the best productive outcome, and to easily continue updating your development files. Where should you start from? How do you properly maintain your code? Which are the right strategies to use? This chapter will show you how to keep your code maintainable and future-proof.

Bonus Chapter

Launching your first website

In this bonus chapter, we will have a look at how you should prepare your code so that it is ready to be shipped. We will discuss how a website is launched, and the steps we take to maintain an online version of the site on our hosting service. You will have a clearer understanding of what it means to dive inside the Internet business.

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Becoming a web developer


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A word from the author

I believe that the Internet is underrated and most of us are blind from the hundreds of potential jobs it provides. I want to teach you everything I have learned during the past decade of living in the world of web development. After years of developing I found methods that heavily improved my coding techniques. I became comfortable with focusing on both my life and what I loved doing the most (creating for the web). I want to show you all the little secrets and best tactics I have learned along the way.

As the Internet keeps growing, so are the available building tools, libraries, coding techniques, and the continuous advancements and improvements of web technologies and methodologies. I want to place you immediately in the right direction. No more time wasted searching for the best approach to begin developing. Start coding in no time, and rest assured you are doing it the right way!

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The current estimated launch date of the book is in Q3 of 2018. I will be keeping you up to date with my goals and provide you with further details along the way. Subscribe with your email address to follow my updates and start your journey today. Expect a surprise for early subscribers.